Development of Delay Models for Multi-lane Two-Way Stop-Controlled Intersections

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The current procedure for analyzing Two-Way Stop-Controlled (TWSC) intersections in the Highway Capacity Manual 2000 (HCM) is limited to major street approaches of one or two lanes (two-lane or four-lane arterials). The objective of this study is to develop empirical models to estimate delays for minor-street traffic at TWSC intersections on multi-lane arterials of six or eight lanes. Field data were collected, including delays, traffic volumes, traffic control, and geometric data, at eight sites in the Tampa and Clearwater areas, Florida. Delay models of left turn and right turn movements from a minor-street were developed as a function of major and minor-road traffic flow rates.

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ITE 2005 Annual Meeting and Exhibit, Compendium of Technical Papers, Washington, D.C., August 2005.