Using AIMS for Accident Information Management: Sarasota County, Florida Experience

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The Accident Information Management System (AIMS) is a crash database program with functions that include crash record management, query and sorting, 3-dimension plot of crash frequency and its location, crash analysis, graphics display of results, collision diagram drawing, accident rate computation, and report generation. This paper, from a set of conference proceedings on Intersection Safety: Achieving Solutions Through Partnerships (March 2004, Irvine, California), reports on the Sarasota County, Florida use of AIMS for its countywide accident information management. The authors first describe the importance of utilizing crash information to improve traffic safety, and the benefits of a GIS-based system for accident data management, the provide an overview of AIMS and other GIS-based software. Sarasota County's procurement experience and use of AIMS for accident information management are described. The authors conclude with Sarasota County's recommended improvement checklist for signalized intersections, and discuss conclusions and recommendations based on the county's experience with AIMS.

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ITE 2004 Technical Conference and Exhibit, Compendium of Technical Papers, Washington, D.C., March 2004.