Methodology of Impact Fees Emphasizing Vehicles Miles Traveled

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This paper provides a working concept and methodology for application of a mobility fee in Florida. The mobility fee has many characteristics of an impact fee modified for sensitivity to vehicle miles traveled(VMT). Policy and practical implications of implementing such a fee are addressed, along with the feemethodology and illustration of the approach through hypothetical testing in Alachua County, Florida. The primary concept for the mobility fee is a modified impact fee assessed on new development. The approach presented anticipates regional cooperation in the development and adoption of a mobility plan that includes all transportation modes. Through sensitivity to VMT, the modified impact fee may help to discourage urban sprawl and reward mixed-use development and other development near or within existing activity centers. The hypothetical test results reveal that the two approaches—the average rate and the location-based rate—produce very different fees for new development. The paper reports on research performed for the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

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Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, v. 2187, p. 36-43.