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253 Plus - New 10 kV isotope ratio mass spectrometer: Robust precision and accuracy in clumped isotope research

Jens Radke, ThermoFisher(Bremen)

A new design for automated CO2 extraction and cleaning for Δ47C measurements

Brett Davidheiser-Kroll, University of Colorado Boulder
Snell E. Kathryn, University of Colorado Boulder
Kristin D. Bergmann, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Automated clumped-isotope analysis of O2 on a compact, high-resolution gas-source isotope ratio mass spectrometer

Laurence Y. Yeung, Rice University
Ian Mellor-Crummey, Rice University
Shuning Li, Rice University
Nu Instruments
Nu Instruments

Experiments constraining blocking temperatures of H isotope exchange in propane and ethane

Camilo Ponton, California Institute of Technology
Hao Xie, California Institute of Technology
Aditi Chatterjee, Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur
Nami Kitchen, California Institute of Technology
Max K. Lloyd, California Institute of Technology
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
John M. Eiler, California Institute of Technology

High-precision measurements of isotopic anomalies in CO2 using a new type of cavity ring-down spectrometer

Mathieu DAERON, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Samir KASSI, LIPhy
Johannes BURKART, LIPhy

How small can we go? First results of a Thermo Scientific 253- Plus with a Kiel IV device for carbonate clumped isotopes

Stefano M. Bernasconi, ETH Zürich
Inigo A. Müller, ETH Zürich
Alvaro Fernandez, ETH Zürich
Joep van Dijk, ETH Zürich
Jens Radke, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Johannes Schwieters, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Andreas Hilkert, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Latest Developments in High Resolution Isotope Ratio MS

Andreas Werner Hilkert, Thermo Fisher Scientific

New developments in high-resolution gas source isotope ratio mass spectrometers

Matthieu D. Clog, SUERC

The Orbitrap as a gateway to high-dimensionality studies of molecular isotopic structure

John Eiler, Caltech

Triple-isotopologue Analysis of N2 as a Tracer of the Global Nitrogen Cycle

Shuning Li, Department of Earth Science, Rice University
Laurence Y. Yeung, Department of Earth Science, Rice University
Edward D. Young, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles
Nathaniel E. Ost.rom, Department of Geological Sciences, Michigan State University
Joshua A. Haslun, Department of Geological Sciences, Michigan State University