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Tobacco Free Florida, TFF, Students Working against Tobacco, SWAT, tobacco-free, tobacco coaltions, tobacco partnerships


The Tobacco Free Florida Coalition training is aimed at Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida (BTFF) grantees and their Tobacco Free Florida partners. It is structured as a dialogue, rather than a monologue, and places heavy emphasis on facilitator-guided group activities. Participants will create customized and useable documents as a result of the activities, which will lay the foundation for your coalition’s ongoing work. Through a combination of instructor-led presentations and hands-on group activities, participants in the Tobacco Free Florida Coalition training will learn to achieve the following objectives.

  • Identify internal and external resources and partners in your community.
  • Define five policy areas that Community Intervention Grantees, in collaboration w/ the County Tobacco Free Partnership and Students Working Against Tobacco, are working towards within their respective counties.
  • Identify your community’s needs and relate them to the five policy areas.
  • Determine key resources.
  • Identify tools to evaluate the success of your coalition.
  • Assess your coalition’s current state, determine goals, and develop plans to achieve those goals.
  • Apply the Coalition Capabilities Planning Model to building and/or strengthening your coalition.
  • Identify strategies to build and sustain collaborative partnerships among internal and external partners in your community.
  • Identify strategies for implementing recommendations identified in your coalition’s evaluations.

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TFF Coalition Day 1.pptx (6738 kB)
This is the PowerPoint presentation for the first day of the two-day training.

TFF Coalition Day 2.pptx (3156 kB)
This is the PowerPoint presentation for the second day of the two-day training.