Seagrass and Cau/Erpa Monitoring an Hillsborough Bay Fifteenth Annual Report- 2004

City of Tampa Wastewater Department Bay Study Group


The purpose of the BSG seagrass program is to monitor changes of SA V, excluding drift macroalgae, in Hillsborough Bay because seagrass is an important Tampa Bay habitat that may also serve as an indicator of water quality. However, the seagrass program is not intended to link the discharge from the Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant with changes in the seagrass community. 2

This is the fifteenth annual report submitted to the FDEP to satisfy the requirements set forth in Reclaimed Water and Effiuent Limitations and Monitoring Requirements condition # 1 0 of the Howard F. Curren WWTP operation permit FL0020940-001-DW1P.