The collections of The Arts encompasses theater, photography and prints, cartoon art, sheet music, and Roman-era Lebanese antiquities. The Dion Boucicault Theater Collection is one of the largest Boucicault collections in the world, and the music research collections offer the opportunity to explore over 10,000 pieces of African American, Floridian, 19th and 20th century sheet music, early songsters, hymnals, and the collected works of Bela Bartok and Robert Helps,USF pianist/composer.

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Submissions from 2006


Bibliography of Dion Boucicault and The Shaughraun, Nancy Cole

Submissions from 2004


Shaughraun: Transcription of promptbook 2, Dion Boucicault and University of South Florida. Tampa Library. Special Collections Dept

Submissions from 1875


The Shaughraun: Promptbook 3, Dion Boucicault


The Shaughraun: Promptbook 2, Dion Boucicault and Matthew Somerville Morgan

Submissions from 1874


The Shaughraun: Promptbook 1, Dion Boucicault and Wallack's Theatre

Submissions from 1864


Lyrics to The Wearing Of The Green, Dion Boucicault