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The participatory project #iziTRAVELSicilia was launched on May 2016, with the main aim to bridge the gap of digital communication and enhancement of Sicilia cultural heritage. This project was soon transformed into a participatory process, by involving thousand of people representing exactly the “heritage communities” cited by the Faro Convention, and it has become a best practice of digital promotion and valorisation through storytelling. Since its beginning, more than 160 audioguides have been produced. #iziTRAVELSicilia has been soon recognized become as an exemple of a good practice, also for museums’ didactic, of participation in co-creation of cultural values, being able to transform people coming from various part of the entire society in smart heritage communities, so revealing a serious impact on civil society made by this platform and its technologies, with the common aim of enhancing common heritage.

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Il Capitale Culturale, v. 17, p. 227-273