Green Archiving For USF Faculty: Getting Started

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  2. Write a short email giving us permission to post your research. We will seek copyright permission to post the digital item(s).
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If you would like to self-submit your scholarly works you can submit content here.


Submissions from 1966


Average Evoked Potentials and Reaction times to Visual Stimuli, Emanuel Donchin and Donald B. Lindsley


Capital and the Congo, Alvin W. Wolfe


Testimony on United States-South African Relations, Alvin W. Wolfe

Submissions from 1965


Retroactive Brightness Enhancement with Brief Paired Flashes of Light, Emanuel Donchin and Donald B. Lindsley


Visually Evoked Response Correlates of Perceptual Masking and Enhancement, Emanuel Donchin and Donald B. Lindsley

Submissions from 1964


Visual Evoked Potentials as a Function of Flash Luminance and Duration, J D Wicke, Emanuel Donchin, and D B Lindsley

Submissions from 1963


Cortical Evoked Potentials and Perception of Paired Flashes, Emanuel Donchin, J. D. Wicke, and D. B. Lindsley


The African Mineral Industry: Evolution of a Supranational Level of Integration, Alvin W. Wolfe

Submissions from 1962


The Team Rules Mining in Southern Africa, Alvin W. Wolfe

Submissions from 1905

Staff handbook for addressing parenting needs, K. Kuehnle and Marion A. Becker

"Land is our mother”: Alternative meanings of development in subaltern organizing, M. Pal and M. J. Dutta

Linking Outcomes Assessment with Teaching Effectiveness and Professional Accreditation, Anna Perrault, James Carey, and Vicki Gregory