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Submissions from 1976

Conceptual Frontiers in the Study of Communication in Families: An Introduction to the Literature, Arthur P. Bochner

Factors Affecting Instruction in Interpersonal Competence, Arthur P. Bochner and J. Yerby


CAHSL Union List of Serials: The Connecticut Experience, Merilyn S. Burke

An economic model of interpersonal communication, Kenneth N. Cissna and L. A. Surbaugh

Measurement in AEP studies (opening rEmanuelrks), Emanuel Donchin

The relationship between P300 and the CNV. A correspondence and an experimental report, Emanuel Donchin

Covariation of the magnitude of the CNV & P300 as a function of the subject's task, Emanuel Donchin, R. Johnson Jr., R. Herning, and M. Kutas

Preliminary observations on the effects of response parameters on pre-response potentials, Emanuel Donchin and M. Kutas


A Health Resources Inventory: The development of the personal and social competence of primary grade children, Ellis L. Gesten

Subjective feelings and vascular responses in reaction to reduced control over aversiveness, J. E. Hokanson and W. P. Sacco


Relational and behavioral interventions with economically disadvantaged toddlers, L. A. Jason, Ellis L. Gesten, and T. A. Yock


The effects of temporal and event uncertainty in determining the waveforms of the auditory event related potential (ERP), G. McCarthy and Emanuel Donchin

Environmental determinants of island species number in the British Isles: A reconsideration, Earl D. McCoy and E F. Connor

Biogeography of corals, seagrasses, and mangroves: An alternative to the center of origin concept, Earl D. McCoy and K L. Heck


Choosing response categories for summated rating scales, P. E. Spector


The effects of real vs. hypothetical risk on group choice shifts, P. E. Spector, S. L. Cohen, and L. A. Penner


Beyond averaging: The use of discriminant functions to recognize event related potentials elicited by single auditory stimuli, K. C. Squires and Emanuel Donchin


The effect of stimulus sequence on the waveform of the cortical event-related potential, K. C. Squires, C. Wickens, N. K. Squires, and Emanuel Donchin


Clay Minerals and Relative Age of Tills in North-Central Wisconsin, Mark T. Stewart and David M. Mickelson


Socialism, Land and the Indian in the 7 Ensayos, Harry E. Vanden

The use of event-related potentials in the enhancement of system performance [NASA TM X-73], C. D. Wickens, J. Isreal, G. McCarthy, and Emanuel Donchin

Submissions from 1975

A Computer-Assisted Analysis of Small Group Process: An Investigation of Two Machiavellian Groups, Arthur P. Bochner, V. DiSalvo, and T. Jonas


Effects of instructions to void halo error on reliability and validity of performance evaluation ratings, Walter C. Borman

Prediction of work performance with an emphasis on first steps--job and skill analysis, Walter C. Borman


Behavior-based versus trait-oriented performance ratings: An empirical study, Walter C. Borman and M. D. Dunnette


Brain Electrical Correlates of Pattern Recognition, Emanuel Donchin


On evoked potentials, cognition, and memory, Emanuel Donchin

Minicomputers in the signal-averaging laboratory, Emanuel Donchin and E. Heffley


A simulation study of the efficacy of stepwise discriminant analysis in the detection and comparsion of event related potentials, Emanuel Donchin and R. I. Herning


On the independence of the CNV and the P300 components of the human averaged evoked potential, Emanuel Donchin, P. Tueting, P. Ritter, and M. Kutas

Clinical training in an urban setting: Building bridges to the community, Mark S. Goldman


Differences between sinistrals' and dextrals' ability to infer a whole from its parts: A failure to replicate, M. Kutas, G. McCarthy, and Emanuel Donchin


Lumières, Anna H. Perrault and Friends of the Library, Louisiana State University

Population density and unemployment: The effects on the incidence of violent crime in the American city, P. E. Spector


Relationships of organizational frustration with reported behavioral reactions of employees, P. E. Spector

The effect of the thwarting of aggression on subsequent aggression, P. E. Spector, L. A. Spector, and H. L. Hawkins


Isosmotic Intracellular Regulation in Freshwater Palaemonid Shrimp Palaemonetes-Paludosus (Crustacea-Decapoda), R. L. Turner, E. F. Lowe, and John M. Lawrence


Influencias en Mariátegui, Harry E. Vanden


José Carlos Mariátegui: Influencias en su formación ideológica, Harry E. Vanden

Submissions from 1973

The Effects of Social Status and Social Dialects on Listener Responses, Arthur P. Bochner and Arthur P. Bochner


Polarity and "accuracy" of ratings and the meaningfulness of personality dimensions, Walter C. Borman and W. K. Graham

PROF: A Simulation and Analysis Technique for Capturing Information Processing Policies, V. DiSalvo and Arthur P. Bochner

Methodological issues in CNV research, Emanuel Donchin

Contingent negative variations and motor response, Emanuel Donchin, L. K. Gerbrandt, L. Leifer, and L. Tucker


Graded Changes in Evoked Response (P300) Amplitude as a Function of Cognitive Activity, Emanuel Donchin, M. Kubovy, M Kutas, and M. Johnson Jr.

Studies in the physiology of CNV., Emanuel Donchin, D. Otto, L. K. Gerbrandt, and K. H. Pribram

While a monkey waits, Emanuel Donchin, D. Otto, L. K. Gerbrandt, and K. H. Pribram

Effects of group decision making on group drinking by alcoholics, Mark S. Goldman, H. A. Taylor, M. L. Carruth, and P. E. Nathan


Obedience as a function of experimenter competence, L. A. Penner, H. L. Hawkins, M. C. Dertke, P. E. Spector, and A. Stone

A separate surfing reality, L. S. Pettegrew

Submissions from 1972

A Multivariate Investigation of Machiavellianism and Task Structure in Four-Man Groups, Arthur P. Bochner and Arthur P. Bochner

The Use of Simulated Profiles and the PROF Technique in Capturing the Policies of `Raters', V. DiSalvo and Arthur P. Bochner

The Use of Simulated Speech Profiles and the PROF Technique in Capturing the Policies of Speech Raters, V. DiSalvo and Arthur P. Bochner


Is the contingent negative variation contingent on a motor response?, Emanuel Donchin, Lauren K. Gerbrandt, Larry John Leifer, and Ledyard Tucker


Alcohol and alcoholics: A behavioral approach, P. E. Nathan, Mark S. Goldman, S. Lisman, and H. A. Taylor


A "Hand-shaking" Multiplexer for the IBM 1800, Shiv Verma and Emanuel Donchin

Submissions from 1971


While a Monkey Waits: Electrocortical Events Recorded During the Foreperiod of a Reaction Time Study, Emanuel Donchin, D. Otto, L. K. Gerbrandt, and K. H. Pribram

The Sea, Kofi Marfo