Submissions from 2013

Interdiscursivity, M. Bartesaghi

Intertextuality, M. Bartesaghi

Introduction, M. Bartesaghi

What does coordination mean? Hurricane Katrina and disaster metadiscourse , M. Bartesaghi

India, A. Basu

Structure-centered approach to health communication, A. Basu

Health and sex work: Structures as narrative nodes, A. Basu and M. Dutta

Seeking Care: Mindfulness, Reflexive Struggle, and Puffy Selves in Bullying, K. Berry

Spinning Autoethnographic Reflexivity, Cultural Critique and Negotiating Selves, K. Berry

Storying Mindfulness/(Re)imagining Burn, K. Berry

Illness identity, K. Blinne and M. Bartesaghi

Coming to narrative: Meaning and method in a university life, Arthur P. Bochner

A functional approach to social network sites, E. Bryant and A. Ramirez Jr.

Observing communication processes in classroom discussion groups, Kenneth N. Cissna

Place and its texts: Rachel’s tomb and its Guardian as a site of national heritage, K. Cohen-Hattab and Chaim Noy

Preventing HIV/AIDS through a culture-centered health campaign: The Sonagachi HIV/AIDS intervention program, P. Dillon and A. Basu

HIV/AIDS and minority men who have sex with men: A qualitative meta-ethnography, P. J. Dillon and A. Basu

Singing to the Tune of Postracism: Jewishness, Blackness, and Whiteness on Glee, Rachel E. Dubrofsky

The Bachelorette’s Postfeminist Therapy: Transforming Women for Love, Rachel E. Dubrofsky

Celebrity Women Tweet: White Women Working for the Gaze’, Rachel E. Dubrofsky and Megan M. Wood

At Home with Hip Hop Feminism: Performances in Communication and Culture, Aisha Durham

The Stage Hip-Hop Feminism Built. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Aisha Durham, B. Cooper, and S. Morris

Negotiating our postcolonial selves: From the ground to the ivory tower, M. Dutta and A, Basu


Crossing the Rabbit Hole: Autoethnographic Life Review, Carolyn Ellis


Collaborative Witnessing of Survival during the Holocaust: An Exemplar of Relational Autoethnography, Carolyn Ellis and Jerry Rawicki


Handbook of Autoethnography, S. Holman Jones, T. Adams, and Carolyn Ellis

Discussing Contemporary Gender and Human Sexuality “Hot Button” Issues: Considering the Roles of Religion and Religious Belief, Navita Cummings James

Frames, Framing, and Designed Conversational Processes: Lessons from the World Café, J. Jorgenson and F, Steier

Beautiful Monsters: On Love and Democracy, Michael LeVan

Digital Proximities, Michael LeVan

Facing: Image and Politics in JR’s Global Street Art, Michael LeVan

Militant Poetics: Rage Against the Machine, Michael LeVan

Introduction: Feminist Surveillance Studies: Intervening in the Interdiscipline, Shoshana A. Magnet and Rachel E. Dubrofsky

From ‘All of Me’ to ‘All of You’: Listening for Aura,, Chris McRae

Listening, Playing, Learning, Chris McRae

Miles Away from ‘The Cool’, Chris McRae

Compassionate Critical Listening, Chris McRae and Deanna L. Fassett

Engagement Beyond Interruption: A Performative Perspective on Listening and Ethics, Chris McRae and Keith Nainby

Participation versus Protest: Discursive Rituals of National Commemoration, Chaim Noy


Peace Activism in Tourism: Two Case Studies (and a Few Reflections) in Jerusalem, Chaim Noy

Teaching the fundamentals of qualitative research: Insights from a Qualitative Martial Art, Chaim Noy

Solidarity and silence in subaltern organizing The Singur movement, M. Pal

Breaking the myth of Indian call centers A postcolonial analysis of resistance , M. Pal and P. M. Buzzanell

Reimagining sustainability: An interrogation of the Corporate Knights’ Global 100 , M. Pal and J. Jenkins

Industry standards of quality for telemarketing service, L. S. Pettegrew; D. T. McGuff; and D, E, Clavier

How the telemarketing industry’s biggest customers view service quality, L. S. Pettegrew and A. Midili

Emergency room issues, L. A. Roscoe and E. M. Eisenberg

Beyond good intentions and patient perceptions: Competing definitions of effective communication in head and neck cancer care at the end of life , L. A. Roscoe, J. A. Tullis, R. R. Reich, and J. C. McCaffrey

Gregory Bateson gets a mobile phone , F. Steier


truth Troubles (Reprint), Jullian A. Tullis Owen, Chris McRae, Tony E. Adams, and Alisha Vitale

Submissions from 2012


Martin Buber: “Bearing witness to an experience”, R. Anderson and Kenneth N. Cissna

(Re)Defining the concept of risk , M. Bartesaghi, S. Gibson, and S. Grey

Reconciling the Relational Echoes of Addiction: Holding On, K. Berry

(Un)covering the Gay Interculturalist, K. Berry


Terms of Perfection, Arthur P. Bochner

Keynote lecture for Biographies: Between ‘Professional’ and ‘Non-Professional’ Dimensions of the Humanities, Arthur P. Bochner and Carolyn Ellis

Into the Garden of Illini: The International Congress as a House of Being for Qualitative Inquiry, Arthur P. Bochner and Carolyn Ellis

Shaping Boundaries within the Flow: Workspaces, Environments, Identities, L. Davis, J. J. Shapiro, and F. Steier

African Americans and decisions about hospice care: Implications for health message design, P. Dillon, L. A. Roscoe, and J. J. Jenkins

"Check on it" Beyoncé, Southern Booty and Black Femininities in Music Video, Aisha Durham

Engaging worldviews, cultures, and structures through dialogue: The culture-centered approach to public relations, M. J. Dutta, B. Zhuo, and M. Pal

Revisioning an Ethnographic Life: Integrating a Communicative Heart with a Sociological Eye, Carolyn Ellis


More than Mazel? Luck and Agency in Surviving the Holocaust, Carolyn Ellis and Jerry Rawicki

When Miss American Was Always White, Navita Cummings James

Curt Flood in the Media: Baseball, Race, and the Demise of the Activist Athlete, Abraham I. Khan

The Digital Shoals: Becoming and Sensation in Performance, Michael LeVan

Of Many Distributions, Michael LeVan and Marcyrose Chvasta

Embodied Listening: Engaging Listening as Experience, Chris McRae

Listening to a Brick: Hearing Location Performatively, Chris McRae

Writing a Pedagogy of Whiteness: A Relational Ethic of Teaching,, Chris McRae and John T. Warren


Inhabiting the Family-Car: Children-Passengers and Parents-Drivers on the School Run, Chaim Noy


Narratives and Counter-Narratives: Contesting a Tourist Site in Jerusalem, Chaim Noy


The Political Ends of Tourism: Voices and Narratives of Silwan/the City of David in East Jerusalem, Chaim Noy


Your hands. Extended: Performing Embodied Knowledge in Eastern Martial Arts, Chaim Noy

Organizing resistance on the Internet: The case of the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, M. Pal and M. Dutta

So what are we working on?, K. Pantelides and M. Bartesaghi

The Seven Rules of Bureaucracy, L. S. Pettegrew and Carol A. Vance

Healing the physician’s story: A case study in narrative medicine and end-of-life care, L. A. Roscoe

Transgressive Learning: A Possible Vista in Higher Education, Marjatta Saarnivaara, Carolyn Ellis, and Helka-Maria Kinnunen

Embracing Ethics and Morality: A Critical Essay for the Accounting Profession, Carol A. Vance, William Stephens, and L. S. Pettegrew

The Story of Ethnochat: Designing an Instant Messaging Program to Conduct Semi-Structured or Unstructured Interviews, Jason Zalinger