Recruiting for Diversity: The Florida Experience

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ELSUN grant, underserved populations, diversity, recruiting for diversity


The proposal panel presentation offers a summary of the experiences of the two IMLS sponsored programs together with an overview of the current profile of ALA-program graduates including data from the annual Library Journal survey presented by Dr. Stephanie Maatta. Attendees will learn how to aply for external funding, the importance of coordinating with the local library community, and the need for continuing emphasis on recruiting for diversity as borne out by the annual ALISE statistics and the Library Journal survey. The SPECRUM initiative has done much to focus on minority recruiting, but it is clear that this must be an ongoing commitment.

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Dunkley, Cora P. “An Overview of the ELSUN Grant: Educating Librarians to Serve the Underderserved.” (In Recruiting for Diversity: The Florida Experience). In Proceedings of the First National Joint Conference of Librarians of Color,Dallas, Texas, October 11-15, 2006: Gathering at the Waters, Embracing Our Spirits, Telling Our Stories. Edited by Gladys Smiley Bell. Lancaster, PA: NxBook Media, 2008: pages 220-221.