Redesigning the Medical Office for Improved Efficiency: An Object-Oriented Event-Driven Messaging System

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communication, object-oriented, medical office, office culture, systems analysis and design, event-driven

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Medical practitioners are under ever increasing pressure to maximize patient care, while minimizing costs. One productivity area that has not previously undergone thorough investigation is the efficient utilization of time for intra-office communication. Medical office personnel typically need to communicate patient information and resource requests, as well as personal messages. An intra-office communication system is designed that reduces time-waste typically incurred in medical office environments. Redesigning medical offices with intra-office communication systems provides time savings of several man hours per day. The subsequent increase in time efficiency enables higher quality of patient care and larger patient loads to be managed by existing medical staff.


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Journal of Medical Systems, v. 24, issue 1, p. 29-37