E-commerce Auction Agents and Online-Auction Dynamics

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e‐commerce, online auctions, intelligent agents

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Online‐auctions are one of the most successful types of electronic markets. They bring together buyers and sellers on a massive scale. However, using an electronic medium for conducting auctions has fundamental differences from traditional English‐style auctions. One difference is the availability of software agents that can facilitate many aspects of online‐auction participation. The addition of software agents into online‐auctions is already having an impact on the dynamics of online‐auctions. This study examines existing agent technologies with regard to their effect on online‐auctions. In addition, future directions for research related to online‐auction agents and the possible benefits of these agents are also discussed.


This article was written before Steven Walczak was affiliated with the University of South Florida.

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Electronic Markets, v. 13, issue 3, p. 242-250