Library and Information Science Oriented Bioinformatics Education in North America. Library and Information Service, (in Chinese)

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Library and information science, Bioinformatics, Interdisplinary, Displine construction, Cirriculum development, Career path


This paper discusses the intellectural synergies between bioinformatics and library information science (LIS), and introduces the definition of LIS oriented bioinformatics, as a new, interdisplinary, emerging and rapid developing discipline. The authors survey the current bioinformatics education offered by the library and information science programs in North American, with the analysis of the relevant core courses and curriculum development. The authors further explore the demand and possible career paths for graduate, and propose the further direction of bioinformatics disciplinary development within the context of library and information science.

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Library and Information Service V. 56, Issue 18, P. 29-33.

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