Heart failure in Parkinson’s Disease: Analysis of the United States Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey

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Parkinson's disease, Comorbidity, Heart disease, Heart failure, Medicare current beneficiary survey

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Objective. We sought to examine the prevalence of heart failure in elderly PD versus non-PD patients using a national sample of Medicare beneficiaries in the United States.

Scope. The prevalence of heart failure in elderly PD patients was 2.27 times that of non-PD patients (19.4% versus 8.7%, 95% CI=1.43–3.60, p=0.0005), and remained twice as high after excluding patients with stroke and possible vascular parkinsonism.

Conclusions. In this cross-sectional study of a national Medicare database, heart failure occurred twice as frequently in elderly PD patients as in non-PD patients. Prospective studies are warranted to verify these findings.

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Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, v. 10, issue 7, p. 417-420