Retroactive Brightness Enhancement with Brief Paired Flashes of Light

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Test flash, Brighter flash, Direct magnitude-estimation

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The brightness of a semi-circular test flash (TF), when followed at varying intervals by a circular, brighter flash (BF), was measured by a direct magnitude-estimation technique. There was a gradual increase in the brightness of the TF as the TF-BF interval was decreased. Brightness enhancement of the TF began when the interval between onsets of the two 10 msec flashes was about 150 msec and attained a maximum between 100 and 30 msec, depending upon the TF luminance. The brightness of the TF is a power function of the TF-BF interval with a negative exponent; the dimmer the TF the higher the absolute value of the exponent. A model accounting for this phenomenon in neurophysiological terms has been proposed.


Vision research, V. 5, Issue 1-3, P. 59-70.

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Donchin, E., & Lindsley, D. B. (1965). Retroactive brightness enhancement with brief paired flashes of light. Vision Research, 5, 59-70.