The Separate, Relative, and Joint Effects of Employee Job Performance Domains on Supervisors’ Willingness to Mentor

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Mentoring, Job performance, Task performance, Organizational citizenship behavior, Counterproductive work behavior

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The purpose of our study was to further elucidate how employees should behave at work to increase their chances of being mentored by their immediate supervisor. To that end, we experimentally tested how three domains of employee performance [task performance (TP), organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) targeting the supervisor, and counterproductive work behavior (CWB) targeting coworkers] affect supervisors’ willingness to mentor. Each performance domain affected willingness to mentor. OCB had the weakest of the three main effects. Finally, the positive effect of TP was stronger when employees displayed less CWB.

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Journal of vocational behavior, v. 74, issue 2, p.135-144.