Sustainability, Quantitative Reasoning, Multidisciplinary Approach


Quantitative Reasoning and Sustainability have much in common. Both are complex, nuanced concepts with rather long definitions that have evolved over time. Both subjects are “everybody’s business” on college campuses, and must be approached in courses across the curriculum, not merely in one course on QR or in one course on Sustainability. The growing, wider presence of both QR and Sustainability on college campuses is due to their applicability in individuals’ personal, professional, and public lives. Moreover, QR and Sustainability support and enhance each other in and out of the classroom. Sustainability is an important, authentic, relevant context for lessons in QR, and, at the same time, QR skills are needed to help with benchmarks in sustainability and analyses in examining sustainable options. Please join the efforts of the National Numeracy Network and the Association of American Colleges and Universities, among others, in linking these concepts and enhancing students' learning opportunities in these areas.



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