Florida's treatment-based drug court: Gearing up against substance abuse

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Drug treatment, program planning, program design, case processing, alternative court procedures, Florida


One chapter describes the treatment-based drug court model by contrasting its approach to that of the traditional court, followed by a chapter that describes the critical role of treatment in a drug court program. Another chapter highlights several preliminary steps for implementing a treatment-based drug court program, so as to help guide court staff in examining the feasibility of developing a drug court program; developing community partnerships and support for the program; and identifying resources needed to support treatment, court monitoring, and other program aspects. This is followed by a chapter that provides guidance in implementing a treatment-based drug court, beginning with initial planning and development activities and then moving to actual operation. One chapter describes several operational aspects of drug courts, namely, procedures for screening drug-court participants and conducting drug court hearings. It also examines methods for implementing a management information system to assist the court. The concluding chapter assists staff in developing an evaluation plan for drug court programs. Appended supplementary material, including forms, proposals, examples, and a bibliography of articles on drug courts