Use of opinion leaders and intensive training to implement evidence-based co-occurring disorders treatment in the community

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substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, technology transfer, opinion leader, manualized treatment


Although several evidence-based substance abuse treatment interventions have been developed in recent years, efforts to translate this new knowledge to practice settings have been largely discouraging. The current study examines results froma SAMHSA/CSAT-funded Practice Improvement Collaborative project in Tampa, Florida, developed to facilitate the implementation of an evidence-based manualized treatment approach for clients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. A quasi-experimental design was used to examine the effectiveness of intensive counselor training sessions and use of peer opinion leaders to monitor and superfise counselor's implementation of the manualized treatment approach, in comparison to a standard training session and resource materials provided to counselors.


ISBN: 0789031523 Originally published 2004, The Haworth Press. Co-published simultaneously as Journal of Addictive Diseases, Volume 24, Supplement Number 1 2005