Training in law and psychology: Models from the Villanova Conference

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models of training undergraduate & doctoral-level students & forensic clinicians & JD/PhD–PsyD & standards for internships & practica & postdoctoral programs & continuing education, psychology & law


Although the domain of law and psychology is a burgeoning and popular field of study, there has never been a concerted effort to evaluate current training models or to develop newer, more effective ones. Forty-eight invited participants attended a national conference held at Villanova Law School to remedy this deficiency. Working groups addressed issues of education and training for the undergraduate level; for doctoral-level programs in law and social science; for forensic clinical training; for joint-degree (JD/PhD-PsyD) programs; for those in practica, internships, and postdoctoral programs; and for continuing education. This article delineates levels and models of training in each of these areas.