Mental health issues in the criminal justice system

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A special issue on mental health issues in the criminal justice system is presented. Articles discuss the prevalence and implications of mental illness in offender populations; elements vital to the success of jail diversion programs; the protection of prisoners from harmful research; mental health issues in the criminal justice system from a prisoner's perspective; an “extended care” community corrections model for seriously mentally ill offenders; mental illness, molestation, suicide, and the penalty of death; the overrepresentation of individuals with a mental illness in the criminal justice system in New South Wales, Australia; offenders with mental illness in the Colorado correctional system; the helping alliance in juvenile probation; the mental health of young offenders serving orders in the community; administrative segregation for mentally ill inmates; preparing communities for reentry of offenders with mental illness; the use of antipsychotic medications and formulary decision-making in large U.S. prisons and jails; co-occurring mental disorders among incarcerated women; modified therapeutic community treatment for offenders with co-occurring disorders; recidivism among child molesters; and a classification system for Internet sexual offenders..