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Journal of Public Transportation is an international journal containing original research and case studies associated with various forms of public transportation and related transportation and policy issues. Topics are approached from a variety of academic disciplines, including economics, engineering, planning, and others, and include policy, methodological, technological, and financial aspects. Emphasis is placed on the identification of innovative solutions to transportation problems.

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Current Issue: Volume 19, Number 2 (2016)

Cover and Front Matter



Factors Influencing Demand for Buses Powered by Alternative Energy Sources
Janer Galván, Victor Cantillo, and Julian Arellana


The Estimation of Modal Shift Potential For a New Form of Dial-A-Ride Service
Banihan Gunay, Kadir Akgol, Ingmar Andréasson, and Serdal Terzi


Usability Evaluation of Access Ramps in Transit Buses: Preliminary Findings
James A. Lenker, Uma Damle, Clive D’Souza, Victor Paquet, Terry Mashtare, and Edward Steinfeld


A Composite Index for Evaluating Transit Service Quality across Different User Profiles
Juan De Oña, Rocio De Oña, Francisco Diez-Mesa, Laura Eboli, and Gabriella Mazzulla


Older Adult Transportation in Rural Communities: Results of an Agency Survey
James P. Wood, Jeffrey R. Brown, Megan Bond, and Vitor Suguri


Examining Bus Lost Time Dynamics for a Bus Rapid Transit Station
Ankit Kathuria, M. Parida, Ch. Ravi Sekhar, and Manu Pathak