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Journal of Public Transportation is an international journal containing original research and case studies associated with various forms of public transportation and related transportation and policy issues. Topics are approached from a variety of academic disciplines, including economics, engineering, planning, and others, and include policy, methodological, technological, and financial aspects. Emphasis is placed on the identification of innovative solutions to transportation problems.

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NEW ISSUE IN PROGRESS: Volume 20, issue 2 (2017)

Current Issue: Volume 20, Number 1 (2017)

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Identifying Key Factors of Rail Transit Service Quality: An Empirical Analysis for Istanbul
Erkan Isikli, Nezir Aydin, Erkan Celik, and Alev Taskin Gumus


The Causal Effect of Bus Rapid Transit on Changes in Transit Ridership
Orion T. Stewart, Anne Vernez Moudon, and Brian E. Saelens


Impact of Different Bus Stop Designs on Bus Operating Time Components
Xiaodong Liu, Yao Yang, Meng Meng, and Andreas Rau