Volume 47, Issue 1 (2018)



Geothermal flux and phreatic speleogenesis in gypsum, halite, and quartzite rocks
Giovanni Badino

  • Geothermal heating of subterranean water
  • Temperature dependence of rocks solubilitiy
  • Geothermal dissolution of rocks
  • Safety of artificial subterranean waste storages


Cave monitoring in the Béke and Baradla caves (Northeastern Hungary): implications for the conditions for the formation cave carbonates
György Czuppon, Attila Demény, Szabolcs Leél-Őssy, Mihály Óvari, Mihály Molnár, József Stieber, Klaudia Kiss, Krisztina Kármán, Gergely Surányi, and László Haszpra

  • Three years monitoring in Béke and Baradla Caves
  • Stable isotope and trace element measurements of drip waters and fresh calcite precipitates
  • Link between the chemistry of the drip water and the hydrological conditions
  • Sign of prior calcite precipitation
  • Link between the stable isotope composition of fresh calcite precipitates and the hydrological conditions