Volume 46, Issue 2 (2017)

Evaporite Karst


Chemical deposits in evaporite caves: an overview
Paolo Forti

  • Up to date news on minerals and speleothems in evaporite caves
  • Short description of the ain mechanisms allowing chemichal deposits in evaporite caves


Evaporite karst in Italy: a review
Jo De Waele, Leonardo Piccini, Andrea Columbu, Giuliana Madonia, Marco Vattano, Chiara Calligaris, Ilenia D’Angeli, Mario Parise, Mauro Chiesi, Michele Sivelli, Bartolomeo Vigna, Luca Zini, Veronica Chiarini, Francesco Sauro, Russell Drysdale, and Paolo Forti

  • Geology of Italian gypsum karst is described
  • Main surface morphologies in these gypsum areas is illustrated
  • Caves in gypsum are described
  • Carbonate speleothems in these evaporite caves are important palaeoclimate archives
  • Gypsum areas are often subjected to different kinds of hazards

Book Review