Drying and Dying of a Subducted Slab: Coupled Li and B Isotope Variations in Western Anatolia Cenozoic Volcanism

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Li isotopes, slab dehydration, Cenozoic volcanism, Mediterranean area

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In lavas spanning ~ 10Ma of subduction-related volcanism in Western Anatolia, we observe remarkably similar patterns of δ7Li and δ11B variation. In this setting, magmatism records a transition from calc–alkaline to ultrapotassic character, consistent with overall lower mean extents of melting, and a changing mantle source that reflects a fractionating, higher temperature slab input consistent with the gradual cessation of subduction. Subsequent rift-related intraplate magmatism record δ7Li signatures within the range observed for MORBs and OIBs, indicating an abrupt transition to a mantle source unmodified by subduction.

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Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 272, issues 1-2, p. 139-147

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