Submissions from 2014


Quality of Life Associated with Sirolimus for Prevention of Graft-versus-host Disease: Results from a Randomized Trial, Heather S. L. Jim, Anna Barata, Brent J. Small, Paul B. Jacobsen, and Joseph Pidala


Associations Between Work-Related Stress in Late Midlife, Educational Attainment, and Serious Health Problems in Old Age: A Longitudinal Study with Over 20 Years of Follow-Up, Charlotta Nilsen, Ross Andel, Stefan Fors, Bettina Meinow, Alexander D. Mattsson, and Ingemar Kåreholt


Famous Landmark Identification in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease, Katerina Sheardova, Jan Laczó, Martin Vyhnalek, Ross Andel, Ivana Mokrisova, Kamil Vlcek, Jana Amlerova, and Jakub Hort


Occupational Complexity and Risk of Parkinson's Disease, Elise G. Valdés, Ross Andel, Johanna Sieurin, Adina L. Feldman, Jerri D. Edwards, Niklas Långström, Margaret Gatz, and Karin Wirdefeldt