Quantitative and semi-quantitative analyses of calcareous nannofossils were performed on samples collected from Bozdovec Section (Albanian-Thessalian intramontane basin, Albania). The calcareous nannofossil assemblages are dominated by: small reticulofenestrids, Cycligargolithus floridanus, Coccolithus pelagicus, Sphenolithus spp., Reticulofenestra scrippsae, Helicosphaera spp., Clausicoccus spp., Reticulofenestra bisecta, Cycligargolithus abisectus. Biostratigraphically, the studied outcrop is assigned to the Late Oligocene NP25 - Sphenolithus ciperoensis Zone. In the Mediterranean area, this interval can be correlated with the MNP25a - Sphenolithus ciperoensis Zone, while according to the zonation for low to middle latitudes the investigated material would belong to the CNO5 - Sphenolithus ciperoensis TZ. High amounts of small reticulofenestrids and sphenoliths point to warm well stratified paleoenvironment.

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