The Mesozoic limestones of Piatra Craiului Massif were deposited in the Dâmbovicioara sedimentary area, at the eastermost part of the Getic carbonate platform. In order to study the microfacies and to provide a more detailed biostratigraphy, we sampled the carbonate succession from Piatra Craiului Massif along several sections. The identified microfacies point to reef slope, carbonate platform margin or restrictive, lagoon-type internal depositional environments. Some of the identified microfossils are biostratigraphic markers for the Tithonian-Lower Valanginian. The calcareous algae form associations typical for reef slopes and internal platforms. The latter can be subdivided into: (1) restrictive environments (low-energy subtidal-intertidal), dominated by rivulariacean-type cyanobacteria, and (2) open-marine environments (moderate to high-energy subtidal) where dasycladalean algae are more frequent.

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