A High-Resolution Geological and Geophysical Investigation of the Dry Tortugas Carbonate Depositional Environment

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Geophysical surveys and ground truth data are compared from a site in the Dry Tortugas, Florida. Seismic data reveal six depositional sequences bounded by high-amplitude reflectors interpreted as subaerial unconformities. Chirp sonar data reveal structure within the Holocene depositional sequence that is correlated to ground truth data. Sedimentary units within the Holocene sequence record a transition from a low-energy, lagoonal environment, to a high-energy, shallow marine environment, to a moderate-energy, slightly deeper marine environment. Forward modeling and impedance inversion reveal good agreement between sediment physical properties, acoustic properties measured by the electric logger, and the chirp sonar data.

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Geo-Marine Letters, v. 17, issue 4, p. 237-245