Driving the Paradigm: (Failing to Teach) Methodological Ambiguity, Fluidity, and Resistance in Qualitative Research

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qualitative research, methodologies, reforming the social sciences, pedagogy, training, evaluating and extending, qualitative methods

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In this article, I explore my fantasy qualitative classroom, one that promotes “paradigm driving,” rather than paradigm-driven research. I discuss how paradigm essentialism, ontologization, and idolization, although important to learning qualitative research, get in the way of creative, flexible, and ambiguous approaches to research design. I share strategies for disrupting these forces in the classroom. My exploration highlights the challenges of teaching with multiple epistemologies in mind. I conclude by welcoming failure as necessary to revise my ideals and to stave off the fascism involved in imposing a utopian fantasy and looking forward to how I will work with failure the next time.

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Qualitative Inquiry, v. 22, issue 6, p. 518-525