Predicting Fingertip Forces by Imaging Coloration Changes in the Fingernail and Surrounding Skin

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registration, force sensing, haptics, human grasping, imaging

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This paper presents an external camera method for measuring fingertip forces by imaging the fingernail and surrounding skin. A 3-D model of the fingernail surface and skin is obtained with a stereo camera and laser striping system. Subsequent images from a single camera are registered to the 3-D model by adding fiducial markings to the fingernail. Calibration results with a force sensor show that the measurement range depends on the region of the fingernail and skin. A generalized least squares model is developed to predict fingertip force given coloration changes, and results for normal and shear force measurement are presented.

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IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, v. 55, issue 10, p. 2363-2371.