Systolic Gaussian Normal Basis Multiplier Architectures Suitable for High-Performance Applications

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systolic architecture, Cryptography, Gaussian normal basis (GNB), security

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Normal basis multiplication in finite fields is vastly utilized in different applications, including error control coding and the like due to its advantageous characteristics and the fact that squaring of elements can be obtained without hardware complexity. In this brief, we present decomposition algorithms to develop novel systolic structures for digit-level Gaussian normal basis multiplication over GF(2m). The proposed architectures are suitable for high-performance applications, which require fast computations in finite fields with high throughputs. We also present the results of our application-specific integrated circuit synthesis using a 65-nm standard-cell library to benchmark the effectiveness of the proposed systolic architectures. The presented architectures for multiplication can result in more efficient and high-performance VLSI systems.

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IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, v. 23, issue 9, p. 1969-1972