Submissions from 2017

Fruitful Wastes in Beowulf, Guthlac A, and Andreas, Nicole Guenther Discenza

Turning Practice Inside Out: The Digital Humanities and the Eversion, Steven E. Jones

Submissions from 2015

Mocking Monuments: The Regent’s Bomb, Satire, and Authority, Steven E. Jones


Dueling, Laura Runge

Submissions from 2014


Alfredian Texts, Nicole Guenther Discenza


Beowulf as Introduction to Old English, Nicole Guenther Discenza


A Companion to Alfred the Great. Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, Nicole Guenther Discenza and Paul E. Szarmach

The Emergence of the Digital Humanities, Steven E. Jones


Constructing Place in Oroonoko, Laura Runge

Submissions from 2012

Prose. Year's Work in Old English Studies (for 2008), for Old English Newsletter , Nicole Guenther Discenza, Aaron Kleist, and Andrew Scheil


The Print in Regency Print Culture, Steven E. Jones

Codename Revolution: The Nintendo Wii Platform, Steven E. Jones and George K. Thiruvathukal


Writing Commons, Joseph Moxley


Aggregated Assessment and “Objectivity 2.0”, Joseph M. Moxley

New Tools for Timeless Work: Technological Advances in Creative Writing Pedagogy, John Nieves and Joseph M. Moxley

Collecting Women: Poetry and Lives 1700-1780 by Chantel M. Lavoie , Laura Runge

Agency in the Age of Peer Production (Cccc Studies in Writing and Rhetoric), Quentin D. Vieregge, Kyle D. Stedman, Taylor Joy Mitchell, and Joseph M. Moxley

Submissions from 2009


Burga and bealu: Cities and Sin in the Old English Genesis, Nicole Guenther Discenza

Prose. Year's Work in Old English Studies (for 2006), forthcoming in Old English Newsletter , Nicole Guenther Discenza, Aaron Kleist, and Andrew Scheil

Places and Spaces, J. R. Hall, David Johnson, and Nicole Guenther Discenza


Second Life, Video Games, and the Social Text, Steven E. Jones

Producing the Eighteenth-century Book: Writers and Publishers in England, 1650-1800, Laura Runge and Pat Rogers