Submissions from 2013

Public acts of self-deliberation: Preparation for discursivedemocracy in education, Vonzell Agosto

Review of Curriculum, Community and Urban School Reform by Barry M. Franklin, Vonzell Agosto

Scripts: Lessons from the movies on dis/ability and Black males, Vonzell Agosto

Culture-based leadership and preparation: A qualitative meta-synthesis of the literature, Vonzell Agosto, L Dias, N Kaiza, P McHatton, and Donna Elam

Review of The school leader's guide to social media (2012) by R. Williamson & H. Johnson in Eye on Education, Vonzell Agosto and J Harmeling

Battling inertia: CRT praxis for race conscious dialogue, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, and A Bellara

Lessons on Racism in the Preparation of Educators: The Retreat to Teachable Moments, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, and Deirdre Cobb-Roberts

Critical Media Literacy: Focus on Diversity and (Popular) Culture, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, and E Williams

An Intersectoral Policy Framework: Technology and Obesity Intersecting on Schoolchildren, Vonzell Agosto and R. A. Rolle


Criticality and the pedagogical reconstruction of leadership standards in an educational leadership classroom., William R. Black and Zorka Karanxha

Modeling social justice in educational leadership: Self-assessment for equity (SAFE), Zorka Karanxha and Vonzell Agosto

The hidden curriculum: Candidate diversity in educational leadership preparation, Zorka Karanxha, Vonzell Agosto, and A Bellara

School consolidation and the politics of school closure across communities, Zorka Karanxha, Vonzell Agosto, W. R. Black, and C Effiom

Comparative study of women leaders in mainland China and Hong Kong, K P. King

Identifying challenges for online learning: Quality design and facilitation, K P. King

Successful academic writing: Five roadblocks to overcome, K P. King

Raising children and teens of Middle Eastern born parents in USA: Transformative perspectives of intercultural competency, K P. King, H Abuzayyad- Nuseibeh, and H Nuseibeh

147 tips for the emerging scholar, K P. King and A Cranston-Gingras

Faculty grant development case study, K P. King and R Miro

Administration case study, K P. King and G Thompson

Submissions from 2012

Allies, Vonzell Agosto

Freedom Schools, Vonzell Agosto

Collaborative CRiT Wandering: Confounding Reluctance, Resistance, and Risk, Vonzell Agosto, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts, and Z Karanxha

Masking Mentoring: Critical (race) care (for, from) Black males in special education, Vonzell Agosto and R Jones

Searching for a needle in a haystack: Indications of social justice among aspiring leaders, Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha


Teacher Leadership: Women (of African Descent) Enacting Social Justice, Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha

Teacher leaders: Women of African descent enacting social justice, Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha

Inclusion in a District and Two of its High Schools: A Comprehensive Report, Vonzell Agosto, Zorka Karanxha, and G Knollman

Ecology Policy for Educational Technology, Vonzell Agosto and R. A. Rolle

Curriculum leadership theorizing and crafting: Regenerative themes and humble togetherness, Vonzell Agosto, O Salaam, and Donna Elam

21st Century adult learning in our complex world, C Boden McGill and K P. King

Are charter schools a viable educational model as an alternative to public education? Counterpoint., Zorka Karanxha


Barbara Garii's Book review of Student teaching and the law in the Journal of Tutoring and Mentoring: Partnership in Learning, Zorka Karanxha


International case study of transformative learning among women higher education leaders in Belize, K P. King

Mind- body-spirit learning and transformative learning, K P. King


Perspectives on leadership from Belizean women, K P. King

Self-directed learning and leadership, K P. King

Social media as positive disruption in education e-learning and b-learning, K P. King

Social networks as vital resources for adults’ learning, K P. King

Transformative research in China: Insights into a recent research journey, K P. King

Innovation in professional learning, K P. King and C Partin

If at first you don’t succeed become a lifelong learner: Gaining capital through online higher education environments, K P. King, C Partin, H Manibusan, and G Sadhi

Proactive solutions for accessibility in higher education: Meeting governmental policy and legal demands through universal design, K P. King, L Perez, E Bryant, and D Sterner

Transformative learning opportunities in virtual and online communities in higher education, K P. King and S Stewart

Technical and teacher training challenges in Uganda: An instructional technology approach to a 21st Century development issue, C Kyobe and K P. King

Missing and shrinking voices: A critical analysis of the Florida textbook adoption policy, R Stubbs-Williams and Vonzell Agosto

Submissions from 2011


Resistance Meets Spirituality: "I Prayed on It", Vonzell Agosto and Zorka Karanxha

Review of Tedious journeys: Autoethnography by women of color in academe by Cynthia Cole Robinson & Pauline Clardy, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts and Vonzell Agosto


Underrepresented Women in Higher Education: An Overview, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts and Vonzell Agosto

Work in Academia: Underrepresented Racial and Ethnic Women Faculty in Higher Education, Deirdre Cobb-Roberts and Vonzell Agosto

Using digital media in higher education: An adult learning perspective, T Cox and K P. King


Journey of Elam: Her Pedagogy as a Public Intellectual, Zorka Karanxha, Vonzell Agosto, and Donna Elam

Implementing podcasts with ESOL teacher candidates’ preparation: Interpretations and implication, D Kim and K P. King


A model for designing and facilitating virtual learning: Addressing faculty needs and contextualization, K P. King

Challenging SMGV policies and social media buzz: A mixed methods research study and critical thinking strategy, K P. King

Critical learning with digital media: Voice empowerment and impact, K P. King

Different but not less: Disability issues for women learners, K P. King

Digital media: Opportunities for voice and empowerment in adult learning, K P. King

History of distance learning, K P. King

Podcasting: Global learning on demand, K P. King

Preface: Bridging the gap, K P. King


Professional learning in unlikely spaces: Social media and virtual communities as professional development, K P. King

Revelations of adaptive technology hiding in your operating system, K P. King

Teaching in an age of transformation: Understanding unique instructional technology choices which transformative learning affords, K P. King


Transformational leadership journeys of transnational individuals: A study of Belizean leaders, K P. King


The missing link: Discovering your facilitation power for online courses, K P. King and H Abuzayyad

Action steps for continued faculty success in taming technology, K P. King and T Cox

The professor’s guide to taming technology: Leveraging digital media, Web 2.0 and more for learning, K P. King and T Cox

Video digital media – Development and design for learning opportunities, K P. King and T Cox

21st Century learning opportunities for SME success, K P. King and J F, III Foley

Introduction, K P. King and M Miller


Including “anyone” in the “anytime, anywhere” paradigm: Strategies to build access in distance education, K P. King and G Thompson

Our stories, ourselves: EmBodYment of women’s learning in literacy , M Miller and K P. King

Teaching History using technology, K Sisson and K P. King

Submissions from 2010


Problematic Conceptualizations: Allies in Teacher Education for Social Justice, Vonzell Agosto

Access and advancement: Teacher transformation and student empowerment through technology mentoring, S D’Agustino and K P. King


Education Law Association, Zorka Karanxha


Hunt v. McNair, Zorka Karanxha


A study of group dynamics in educational leadership cohort and non-cohort groups., Zorka Karanxha and Bobbie Greenlee

Rights of student teachers and the law., Zorka Karanxha and Perry A. Zirkel


Designing Successful Online Courses, Part 1, Kathleen P. King


Designing Successful Online Courses - Part 2, Kathleen P. King


Faculty Success: Developing a Research and Publication Agenda, Kathleen P. King


Five Strategies For Successful Writing of Reports and Essays, Kathleen P. King

Leveraging Web 2.0 tools to build literacy skills, oral history and voice, Kathleen P. King


Revelations of Adaptive Technology Hiding in Your Operating System, Kathleen P. King


Teachers Podcast, Kathleen P. King

21st Century learning and human performance in SMEs: Navigating the complexities of organizational climates, cultures and global enterprise, K P. King

Advancing educational podcasting and faculty inquiry with a grounded research model: Building upon current mixed-methods research across contexts, K P. King


A personal journey into gay marriage in a heteronormative society, K P. King

Chapter 39: Informal learning in a virtual age, K P. King

Comprehensive distance learning design for adult learning, K P. King

Perspectives: The New York Journal of Adult Learning, K P. King

Preface, K P. King

Preface, K P. King


Research models for podcasting: From primary sources to oral history, K P. King

Using technology to improve pedagogy with low literate adults, K P. King